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Day Trip to Sunset Cliffs!

August 19, 2010

If you live in San Diego, chances are you’ve heard of Sunset Cliffs.  The national park takes up an amazing stretch of beach that extends 1.5 miles from the pier at Ocean Beach, and is well-known for producing the most picturesque sunsets San Diego has to offer.  With it’s steep cliffs, strange-crater looking rocks, and breathtaking ocean views, it really is something worth marveling over.  This past weekend, my friend Jazz and I decided to check out Sunset Cliffs for the first time, and left with some magazine-worthy photographs!  Sadly, you won’t see any sunsets captured in these photos because the day we chose was a particularly cloudy one; however the pictures turned out beautiful none-the-less!

A name carved inside a heart lies directly next to a smooth piece of the rock that also happens to resemble a heart.

The craters make me feel as if I am standing at the edge of the moon!

Jazz captures a moment just before the wave crashes and sends me reeling away from the rock's edge!

A close-up of the rock reveals a collection of nearly microscopic seashells hidden within the confines of the deep crater-like holes.

A long pathway of stairs leads us down into the abyss, where interesting surprises await.

Jasmine pauses in front of a rather stunning view of the cliffs.

Jasmine tells me to jump, but what she doesn't warn me about is the slippery moss! Thankfully I land on my feet instead of my behind.

An astounding view from the bottom of the cliffs looking up.

Surprise! We cross paths with a true-to-life Californian surfer -- a first for both of us!

A collection of flowers and seashells are gracefully strung together to create a heart-shaped alter -- all in preparation for the evening wedding that is about to take place overlooking the magnificent ocean.