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A weekend gettaway at Hearst Castle Part III

May 15, 2010

The last leg of our trip involved a short drive North of our hotel to see the elephant seals!  Just off of Highway 1, we were able to see the seals up-close and in person since this time of the year happens to be their molting season.  The seals return to the shore to shed their coats once a year, and are also land-bound during their breeding and birthing seasons.  Apparently it can get quite ugly during breeding season where a lot of fights go down between the males!  Too bad we just missed it.

What are those gray dots?  Those are the seals!  Here’s a better look at the seals:

I know they look like they’re dying, but really their just being lazy!  See the one in the back with his back arched and his head pointed up at the sky?  That proves they are alive 😉

There had to be hundreds of these guys along the beach.  Amazing when you think about it.  Coming from Indiana, I’m not too familiar with marine life and the wonders it brings.  The closest comparison I have is seeing a live skunk!

Also the views here were absolutely amazing!  I really fell in love that weekend with the Central Coast.

Afterwards, we went on a hike nearby in an area that made me feel like I was no-where near California.  The forest was like something out of Hans and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood.  It felt like a magical forest full of wonder and surprises…  and there were definitely surprises!  On our hike, we came upon this…

No, it’s not a twig… it’s a SNAKE!  He was blocking our one and only path.  Rather than disturb him from his nap (since yelling and stomping didn’t seem to wake him) we made a path through the grass and went around him.

The rest of the hike was very peaceful—no rabid squirrels or anything jumping out at us 😀  It was a nice end to our trip before we had to pack our bags and head back down South.  Anyway, I am literally counting the days until I head back up that way.  It’s definitely worth the 5-6 hour drive and if you get a chance, drive along Highway 1.  It’s breathtaking!