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Jazz & my Californian Adventure

June 4, 2010

Yesterday I took my friend Jazz up to California Adventure to celebrate her birthday!  She had been dying to go to Disneyland for awhile now and finally settled on her birthday for the date.  Looking back now I wish we had gotten the “park hopper” pass so we could have go back and forth between Cali Adventure and Disney, but I was attempting to be frugal.  I think it worked out though because we got to see all the attractions that mattered and now I have something to look forward to next time I go!

Did you know Cali residents can get an annual pass for just $8 a month?!  All you have to do is purchase one ticket for the day, tell them you want the annual pass, and they’ll withdrawal it from your bank account automatically.

As soon as we entered the park we came across a vineyard!  Turns out you can’t go anywhere in California without tripping over grape vines.  The sign said Golden Vine Winery.  I didn’t get to do any wine tasting, but perhaps next time?

First we rode Mickey’s Ferris Wheel of Impending Doom where they lock you up in steel cages and force you to go round and round until you become nauseous!  This is the “before” picture, clearly…

Thankfully we recovered and managed to see the rest of the park!  I finally got the ca-hones to ride the Tower of Terror appropriately named the Hollywood Tower Hotel in California.  I still ended up screaming my head off!

While waiting in line we encountered Master Yoda.  I wanted to say hi but he looked like he had his hands full training the next Luke Skywalker…

We also managed to visit Muppet Vision, one of my favorite attractions as a kid and we didn’t even have to wait in line!  I love being able to go to Disneyland during the middle of the week when we can avoid the crowds.

After the park, we walked around Downtown Disney and ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  Cool place, great food, baaaad wine.  I guess I should have known better being in a tropical paradise and all, but I’m a wino at heart—can you blame me?  Next time I’ll go for the Paradise Punch.

All & all it was SO MUCH FUN and I cannot wait to go back!  I also want to hit up the French Cafe in Downtown Disney where they serve fresh made benets!  Mmm… my favorite!  Reminds me of New Orleans, but that’s another story. 🙂