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West Coast Tavern has Cheap Good Eats

April 15, 2011

There’s a cute little place in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood called West Coast Tavern.  My friend Christina and I had a double date and were instructed to pick a restaurant.  Being the foodie I am, I took it as a serious mission.  My plan was to eat at Urban Solace, a restaurant I have been dying to try!  But life had other plans.  On a Sunday evening (Sunday!) Urban Solace were completely booked up!  We were able to get “reservations” on their patio under the preface that it didn’t rain.  With an 80% chance of rain the odds were not in our favor.

One hour before our dinner reservation my date called to say our reservation got canceled.  In a mad scramble, I looked for another restaurant in North Park that would live up to my, and our guests, standards!  Luckily I came upon West Coast Tavern.  I gave their menu a quick glance, liked what I saw, and was able to get a reservation for 6pm.  Speaking of which, who ever heard of having to get reservations on a Sunday?  That still blows my mind!

West Coast Tavern is swanky.  There’s something about the ambiance that felt just right when I stepped inside.  We were seated  right away and the staff was extremely attentive.  They worked in a 3 person rotation that consisted of the drink guy, the waitress, and the “is everything cool?” guy.  Every 5 minutes or so the next person in rotation would come up and ask if we needed another drink, wanted to order food, or just if things were “cool.”

The guys ordered an appetizer for everyone—the West Coast fries with garlic aioli dip.  French fries aren’t really my thing, but they looked tasty!

While they munched on fries and such, Xtina ordered their cosmopolitan.  I didn’t try a sip, but she said it was really yummy!

I’m a sucker for a good cosmo, but I kept my eye on the prize—I couldn’t wait to order dinner.  I scanned over their menu and was having trouble deciding between a few of their dishes.  I’m a fan of homemade chicken pot pie and the jerk chicken sounded amazing.  The jerk chicken came with a blue cheese and honey corn bread.  Corn bread alone would have sold me, but ultimately I went with the grilled jidori chicken and asparagus.

The jidori chicken was delicious and totally worth every penny!  I think the prices at WCT are extremely reasonable, another reason why I highly recommend this place.  Also, if you go for their happy hour, you can get $5 food selections and take advantage of great drink specials.

One of the guys got the Tavern chicken ‘n’ waffle.  I was excited to try it because I’ve never had chicken ‘n’ waffles.  It was so-ho-ho goooooood.  I definitely couldn’t eat like that every day but I highly recommend trying it if you ever get the chance. 🙂

Xtina ordered their filet mignon skewers.  I didn’t try it, but again, she gave it the thumbs up.  I think the photo speaks for itself.

WCT was so good, I ended up taking a couple friends there for happy hour a few days later.  If you’re looking for good eats in a trendy spot that won’t break the bank, West Coast Tavern is definitely worth checking out.