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Healthy Breakfast Salad With A View

March 16, 2011

I love finding restaurants that carry a healthy selection of food!  Believe me, it’s hard to find and perhaps the challenge is what appeals to me.  Eating out can create a lot of anxiety in those trying to keep their healthy lifestyles in check, but it’s not an impossible feat.  I try to look at menus before I visit a restaurant to make sure the menu options are in line with my diet.  In the December issue of San Diego Magazine, editors put the spotlight on San Diego’s top breakfast spots.  Of the many categories they covered, healthy restaurants were included.  One particular restaurant caught my eye, and after a long run one Saturday morning in La Jolla, I knew I had to check it out.

I had passed this restaurant many times before and fell in love with the quaint yellow house and the white picket fence that encircled it.  So when I made the connection that Cody’s Restaurant was in the same yellow house I’d always admired, I was even more excited.  My friend and I ate outside on their cute patio, where we caught glimpses of the ocean from our table.

I started the meal off proper with a piping hot mug of kona coffee.  I was looking forward to trying kona coffee for the first time, but was sorely disappointed.  I think they may have made their coffee extra strong, but let’s just say I hope not all kona tastes that way!

For breakfast I ordered their breakfast salad.  I know, a salad for breakfast?!  Believe me, I had never heard of such a thing, but then again I do live in Southern California, the land of the healthy and fit.  Besides, I had to try the signature healthy dish that was featured in SD Magazine.  After all the hype, it was worth finding out if it was good.

See below for the official menu description.

Healthy Breakfast Salad, two poached eggs mixed field greens, leaf spinach, roasted wild mushrooms, asparagus, chevre, basil vinaigrette.  10.95

I have to say, the healthy breakfast salad was actually good!  Other than hard boiled eggs, I’ve never had eggs on my salad.  The idea of it was a little disturbing, but the savory combination of poached eggs, salad, and chevre cheese were delicious.  That, combined with the view, may have been worth the $19 breakfast (tip included), but next time I’ll skip the coffee.