An Extraordinary Valentine’s Day

Little Italy in San Diego

This year for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to get together with a couple of girlfriends (and one LUCKY guy friend).  We were going to go watch the movie Valentine’s Day but somebody was too good to watch a chick flick ;).  Instead we decided to go to “Carnivale” in Little Italy—a street celebration where people dress up in traditional Venetian Carnevale regalia.  It was basically like a very tame preview of the Mardi Gras celebration that is taking place this coming Tuesday, February 16th in the Gaslamp Quarter.

People in traditional Regalia costume walking on stilts!

A couple dancing in the streets.

It was a cute little festival.  There were several people on stilts dressed in character walking up and down the streets.  There was also live music outside a few of the restaurants.  People were dancing and having a great time!  It was definitely an event that people from all ages could enjoy.

There was a massive line out the door at Filippe’s.  I’ve never been but I heard it’s some of the best pizza in San Diego.  I think the 30 minute wait could definitely attest to that.  I’d like to go back to Little Italy soon to find out if Filippe’s lives up to it’s reputation!

But for this evening, I had other plans in mind.  I had been dying to check out Extraordinary Desserts for some time now.  It’s one of the most talked about dessert places here in San Diego.  So my friends and I hit up the location in Little Italy.  There are two locations—the second is in Balboa Park.

They are known for carrying the biggest and most eye-catching selection of desserts in San Diego!  I was speechless at the sheer beauty of the desserts which are a work of art in themselves.

Gerardo ordered some kind of chocolaty cheese danish.  It wasn’t as elaborate looking as all the other desserts but it definitely put Starbuck’s chocolate crossiant to shame.

I got the White Chocolate Linzer Torte which was actually kind of amazing.  If you like white chocolate and raspberry then this is your dessert!  The cake was supposed to taste like almond but I didn’t notice.

I tried a couple bites of the other girls’ desserts which were two different types of chocolate cake, and I have to say I was actually not too impressed.  I think the chocolate danish was probably the best of all, but even so I would have been happier with a slice of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory >:).

Extraordinary Desserts official report card:

  • Atmosphere: B
  • Dessert Selection: A+
  • Beverage Selection: A+
  • Creativity: A+
  • Taste: B




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One Response to “An Extraordinary Valentine’s Day”

  1. Darcy cox Says:

    Presentation looks exquisite!

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